Ad Tagging Tool

The Ad Tagging Tool is a web-app that allows for efficient identification of TV ads.

Project Goals

  • Assist users in making quick decisions and clearly indicate potential ads to improve accuracy.
  • Encourage users to increase efficiency.
  • Implement a simple and easy to use platform to reduce training costs.

My Responsibilities

  • Create a visual system to reduce friction for first time users and reduce on-boarding costs.
  • Develop a strategy around game-ifying a user’s progress to keep engagement level high.
  • Build wireframes and prototypes for testing and development.
  • Design pixel-perfect comps and CSS for dev-handoff.

Reduce Friction

The original implementation of the tool was disorganized forcing the user through a series of cross-screen movements.

Using eye tracking and click paths, I worked to reduce movements required to complete a task – increasing speed and reducing opportunities for inaccuracies.

Simplified eye tracking patterns. Original (left), redesigned (right).

Increase Efficiency

To reduce overall costs, I developed a strategy around encouraging users to complete more work in a shorter amount of time. I introduced features to remind the user of their daily progress, weekly speed and volume reports, and a comparison of these stats across the organization.

Branded Experience

Building upon the user flow and the individual platform components. A detailed set of wireframes and eventually full pixel perfet mockups were iterated upon for development.