TV Audience Hub

TV Audience Hub reduces complexity around finding TV placements that reach optimal audiences.

Project Goals

  • Simplify complex data sets.
  • Inform users about their TV ad placement performance.
  • Provide easy-to-interpret actionable insights for TV ad planners.

My Responsibilities

  • Managed evolving product requirements and data inputs to design a platform for TV ad performance, discovery and activation.
  • Created tightly-focused user flows/wireframes based on use-cases and industry expectations.
  • Designed interface and interaction for data visualizations within the D3 library.

User Flow

Leveraging user feedback to inform our approach, I developed a user-flow tailored to fit the decision making processes dictated by media agency team structures.

Data Visualization

One of the goals of this platform is to showcase our data analysis. As a function of the data-heavy content, we needed a way to translate a complex data set into a story any user can quickly understand. All charting was designed for d3 implementation.

Wireframes and Design

Building upon the user flow and the individual platform components. A detailed set of wireframes and eventually full pixel perfet mockups were iterated upon for development.